What Losing 100 Pounds Taught Me About How We Treat Overweight People

Let’s treat people like people no matter what the scale says


Workout selfie!

Pre-Zumba selfie! I’m getting ready for a run on Saturday & I’ve been doing yoga too.

Keep on keeping on :)


Prenatal Yoga: 5 Health Benefits Of A Yoga Practice For Expecting Mothers

Starting yoga today for me & the nugget on the way :)


When I teach Zumba … I go hard! I’m 110% and I only do songs that get your heart racing or make you sore later. I love Zumba, but after puking all morning it’s super hard to put a smile on and go at it for an hour in front of a group of people. I’ll tell you this though - once I’m done, nothing feels better! Making it through that hour makes me feel like I can take on the world & the movement is sooooo good for the baby.

Feeling accomplished today.

Disclaimer: When you are pregnant you should move everyday - even if it’s just walking (unless your on bed rest). Please check with your doctor to see what level of fitness you can participate in. It varies based on your fitness level before you were pregnant & your individual pregnancy.




Big news & exciting changes in our house….

After many years of trying - I’m very excited to share with the tumblr friends that the hubby and I are finally expecting!

Our little miracle is making their grand entrance this March. Having a healthy baby, after years of trying to conceive was my initial push to get healthy. Throughout my journey I developed enough self esteem and respect to start doing it for myself, but having a family was always a close 2nd for motivation.

We ended up doing icsi ivf & our first cycle stuck. I can’t imagine physically going through this being heavier or being less fit. It was a demanding process on my body and I’m so glad I got healthy before we started that part of our journey.

So as we focus on bringing this miracle into the world, I’m going to continue to be physically active and eat clean. Well I’m off to prepare for my 2nd pregnant race.


Making eating clean easy

A weekly guide on how to eat clean & ditch those processed foods!

Though eating local meats is a challenge for me.


Meatless Monday!!!!

Whole grain spaghetti, homemade chunky sauce with onions and zucchini, and of course cheese - gotta get some protein in!

Even though today was a rest day I still did a quick 1 mile walk. I had a horrible headache and I think it helped alleviate it - thank goodness! Nothing like natural medicine :)

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about why to have a meatless day of the week. I’ll share some highlights from this great website

“Why Meatless?

Because going meatless once a week may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. And going meatless once a week can also help reduce our carbon footprint and save precious resources like fossil fuels and fresh water.”.”

Disclaimer: I am not vegetarian or vegan. I admire those who are, but that’s not my choice. I try to go meatless once a week, but it doesn’t always happen.


The end of my set @ today’s Zumba master class. Super fun & I’m so excited I got to be a part of this amazing fundraiser for the leukemia & lymphoma society. A fun day in the sun and the event raised about $2000. So awesome!

My #bestofbothworlds challenge today - part was easy & part was super hard.

Fitness - got in at least an hour of Zumba & 45 mins of Aqua Zumba, plus lots of walking & swimming at the water park the event was held at.

Food - we were there all day & I remember from last year there were no good food choices. So for lunch we went to the car for a picnic homemade chicken salad with olive oil mayo, spinach & tomato on wheat. Snacks included cheese, celery, and an apple washed down with lots of water.

Hope you guys had a successful day :)


#bestofbothworlds challenge

The best way to eat lunch is clearly barefoot lol! Showing off my pink toes due to my excellent photography skills :)

Cardio party - 60 mins of awesomeness this am

Boring chicken? I don’t think so! Baked chicken breast, with broccoli and salsa. My dish looks & tastes like xmas. Throw a little cheese on it if you like.

Weight watcher friends 5 points with the cheese - holler!!!!!